Project Proposal


Construction of Taklung Kagyu Domsum Ling


Taklung Kagyu is one of the most important lineage holders of Dakpo Kagyu tradition, which was founded by Lord Taklung Thangpa Tashi Pal (1142-1210 CE). He established the main Monastery in 1180 CE, which became his main seat and eversince this school of thought is called the Taklung Khagyu. Later it spread throughout Tibet. The other main seat of this lineage was established in Kham Riwoche, Eastern Tibet and the monastery is known as Taklung Marthang. Which was built in 1276 CE. Whereas the original seat is known as Taklung Yarthing. Traditionally Taklung Yarthang was led by three highest Lamas of the tradition. His Holiness’ Taklung Shapdrung Rinpoche, Taklung Matul Rinpoche and Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, whereas the Marthang Taklung was led by His Holiness’ Jedrung Rinpoche, Pakchok Rinpoche and Shabdrung Ringpoche

Since 1959 and during the time of Cultural Revolution both the monasteries suffered huge destruction like in the case of many other monasteries throughout China. But the remaining small community of Taklung Kagyu lineage, rebuilt both the monasteries in Tibet after the relaxation of religious freedom in the country.  However the Taklung Kagyu monastery in Tibet, like many other monasteries can’t function freely because of hugh restrictions. Therefore His Holiness Taklung Matul Rinpoche and follower of the tradition wished to establish a main monastery in exile.

In 2009, the people of Jampa Ling settlement, Pokhara, had offered a land roughly measuring around eight acres to build a monastery. And the vision was born to Rinpoche to build a clinic (as there are no such great medical facilities around), a school, a hotel beside a monastery. In 2010 on July 6th, the foundation stone blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama was laid and land was consecrated ritually on the auspicious occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday.

The actual construction of one of the structures in the master plan begins on 13th April 2012 after the architectural drawing was finalized based on contour survey and soil test. Currently under construction the building has important units, such as office, dinning hall, kitchen, rooms for the monks, a prayer hall and a classroom. As for now after having completed with the ground and the first floor,  the work is in progress to complete monk’s rooms on the second floor and a prayer hall and a class room on the third floor.

Impact and Aim of the Project:


a. To preserve culture and religious tradition. This project aims to assist the continuity of this unique spiritual Tradition and the culture formed on that basis, the very survival of which are in danger..

b. To provide Traditional as well as modern education in and around the society. To be functional in the modern world, the traditional Buddhist education must be incorporated with the best of modern education, which we aim to provide through our educational institution.

c. To educate and train monks and buddhist followers of this tradition in line with principles of Taklung kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.  With the effort of this project many monks and followers will get access to theirPhilosophical education and practice system of the Taklung Kagyu Tradition they were born in or they believe in.

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